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Lower power bills are definitely enjoyed by people who use residential solar power in their residences. This article discusses the basics and pros of a solar powered kit, specifically a kit that results from do it yourself solar panel construction.

Residential solar power systems have become very popular nowadays because of the fact that they can bring about lower power bills. You can use a solar powered kit to produce power in your home instead of relying mainly on your electricity company. You’ll see a significant decrease in the charges made by the utility company and may even get additional cash from the company in case of excess power. Solar panel construction is not as hard as what some people may think. You can do it with the help of a good guide to avoid having to pay thousands of money for a ready made kit.The Types Of Solar CellsEvery residential solar power panel has this main component: a collection of solar cells. There are several types of cells that you can use in your panels in order to have lower power bills. The mono crystalline cell is considered to be the most efficient as it can provide more current, therefore making your solar powered kit more efficient. Take note though that this kind of cell costs way more than this other type of solar cell: the poly crystalline cell. The polycrystalline type, when utilized in the solar panel construction project, means that the kit will be made up of smaller sized cells that are less efficient than the mono-crystalline variety. Polycrystalline cells are more budget friendly, however, so they’re more recommended for first time builders of the residential solar power system, or those who have limited budget.The Basics Of Building Solar Energy PanelsThere are two ways you can come up with solar panels so as to enjoy lower power bills. The easiest way is for you to purchase a solar powered kit that contains all the materials, plus easy to follow instructions on how to assemble the panels. Another way is for you to download a solar panel construction guide from the Internet that lists the materials and the tools you’ll need for the aforesaid project, plus the steps of how you can construct this alternative electricity providing system. More often than not, the kit is costlier than a guide since the solar kit has the materials, while the guide only lists them, which means that you have to search for and purchase materials first. Take note though that all materials are not hard to find, so if you wish to spend less in your residential solar power project, go for a good resource or guide rather than a solar powered kit.The usual materials needed for solar panel construction are: the solar cells, a frame that will hold the cells e.g. metal or wood, a battery, an inverter, etc. You’ll just have to link the cells together and make sure that they are held in place on the frame, and then, you’ll have to connect those cells to the battery, the inverter, etc, and of course, place the panels on a spot where huge amounts of sunlight stream in. For complete information on the tools, materials, and instructions , rely on a detailed and accurate guide and start noticing lower power bills every month.

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Hereditary Cancer Panel is caused by an inherited genetic variation or mutation. Any individual carrying mutations/variations for hereditary cancer are at high risk for the development of tumors at an early age. Around 8-15% of all the cancers are generally diagnosed as hereditary cancer. Genetic test for hereditary cancer panel is one of the key tests of Genes2Me and is done PAN India. This panel covers ovarian cancer, endocrine cancer, Gynecological Cancer, Lynch Syndrome, Pancreatic Cancer, Nervous System Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Renal Cancer, and Skin Cancer/Melanoma.

Inherited genetic variation or mutation can cause hereditary cancer or germline cancer. Any individual carrying mutations/variations for hereditary cancer are at high risk for the development of tumors at an early age. This panel covers ovarian cancer, endocrine cancer, Gynecological Cancer, Lynch Syndrome, Pancreatic Cancer, Nervous System Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Renal Cancer, Skin Cancer/ Melanoma.

Every individual has some probability of developing the life threating disease at some time during his life Usually cancers can be inherited in two ways i.e. it may be genetically predisposed or might be caused due to environmental factors, which may include your lifestyle, or eating behavior and many more.

Gene mutations that might occur in one or a few cells of the body are one of the major reasons of cancer. Genetic mutations or hereditary mutation are inherited from one generation to the other and they may also be referred as germline mutations while acquired mutations are only present in some of the body’s cells, and they are not passed on from one generation to the other. However, individuals who carry genetic mutations do not necessarily get cancer, but the probability of developing cancer at is higher than anyone.

Who should be tested?
• Someone with a personal history of early-onset cancer, rare cancer, bilateral cancer, or multiple primary cancers
• Someone with a positive family history of multiple generations of cancers.
• Cancer diagnosed before age 50
• Cancer in a of a set of paired organs
• Rare Cancer (ovarian, pancreatic, metastatic prostate, intraductal prostate, medullary thyroid, triple-negative breast or male breast cancer)
• 10+ gastrointestinal polyps
• Breast or prostate cancer (Gleason score >7)

Genetic testing is easily available for the hereditary cancers. If there is any family history of cancer or any kind of personal history of that individual, or may be if one would like to know more about whether a family member has an increased risk of developing cancer, then should go for a cancer risk assessment, and genetic counseling and genetic testing.

Understanding the result:

A positive test result
• It means there is a change in a particular gene which indicates that a person is a carrier of a particular genetic mutation and has increased risk of developing the disease in the future. However, it cannot predict the exact risk of developing a disorder.
• Gives information about family and personal health history.

A negative test result
• It means that there is no change in the gene which indicates that a person is not affected by a particular disorder and does not have an increased risk of developing it.
• There are chances that other genetic abnormalities might be present in the patient (including Copy Number Variations, Methylation changes , etc.) which are beyond the scope of this test and would not be picked up in this test. Further testing might be required to confirm a negative result.

Uninformative test result
• It occurs because every individual has common natural variations in their DNA that do not affect health.

It cannot confirm a specific diagnosis also it cannot indicate whether a person has an increased risk of developing a disorder.

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Do you want to switch to homemade solar power? Discover if it is right for you.

solar power, how will it change your life? are solar panels a worthy investment? what are the options available to use solar energy as solar power? Here are your answers

There are pros and cons of using the sun to create solar energy. The question is … are the cons really so bad that a person should not consider sun power as an alternative energy source? If you answered yes to that question, you must enjoy paying your electricity bill. As for me, I don’t like spending my money on something I should be able to get for free – and neither should you.

The pros for using solar energy for electricity:

– Use the sun’s renewable energy to help our environment.

– Will lower your electricity bill, possibly even eliminating your bill completely.

– Will increase the value of your home.

– Will allow you to have electricity during power disruptions and in locations where electricity is not readily available.

– Homemade solar panels can be fun and educational projects for all ages.

The cons for using solar energy for electricity:

– The area needs lots of sun.

– Are considered to be a costly investment.

– Are not as effective during bad weather and cloudy days.

Every single one of us should be concerned about our planet’s future and do our part to conserve fossil fuels. Every single one of us should have the desire to learn how to become more self-sufficient. Every single one of us should be concerned about our finances and try to keep our bills to a minimum to improve our financial futures.

How do you get solar energy?

In order to have a professional installation of a home solar panel system, as you know, is a huge hit for most of our wallets. The average blue collar individual, like me, can not afford this kind of an expense in today’s economy. It’s like a catch 22. The average person has a hard time affording their electric bill and at the same time can’t afford to install alternative energy devices to help relieve the cost of their electricity.

Instead of hiring a professional, there are solar power kits available and much more affordable. A solar power kit will come with everything a person needs to get started at setting up a home solar system.

The thing to keep in mind though, is … prior to hiring a professional solar panel installer or buying a solar power system kit, it is important to learn the details how solar power actually works. The best way to accomplish that is to build a homemade solar power generator , gain the knowledge and begin your road to independence.

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